Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has approved the granting of gratuity pay of P 3, 000 for each of the qualified Contract of Service and Job Order in the City Government of Dumaguete pursuant to the Administrative Order No. 03 of the Office of the President and subject to availability of funds of the Local Government Unit concerned.
In approving the grant of gratuity pay totaling P 6 million for more than 1, 500 qualified CO and JO workers, Mayor Remollo stressed the need to show appreciation for their diligence and loyalty to service.
Mayor Remollo also recognized the members of the City Development Council and Sangguniang Panlungsod, for unanimously passing the appropriation ordinance authorizing the release of P 6 million for the gratuity pay during the special session today.
The gratuity pay of P 3, 000.00 is in addition to the 25 kilos of rice subsidy (to be released once the process is complete) and the 5 kilos of rice (already released) as a personal gift of Mayor Remollo for each CO and JO worker in LGU-Dumaguete.
Earlier, each of the qualified 960 regular and casual employees of the City Government of Dumaguete was granted P 15, 000 as Service Recognition Incentive for 2022.
Based on Administrative Order No. 03, CO and JO workers who have rendered a total or an aggregate of at least 4 months of actual satisfactory performance of service, as stipulated in their respective contracts, as of 15 December 2022, and whose contracts are still effective as of the same date, may be granted a one-time gratuity pay.
Meanwhile, those who have rendered less than 4 months of actual satisfactory performance of service, may also be granted the gratuity pay on a pro rata basis.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!