“After a long wait, we can now finally celebrate this year’s Christmas holidays with ease, more flexibility, and safety.
This, of course, would not be possible without Dumaguete’s successful COVID-19 vaccination program that made it manageable for the city to combat the dreaded COVID-19 virus.
More importantly, we could not have achieved this without the cooperation of everyone and the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
But, let us not forget that COVID-19 remains a real threat to our health and wellbeing. So, I urge everyone to continue to be vigilant and mindful of our public health and safety protocols.
Summarizing the year 2022, we can safely say that Dumaguete and its people have been truly blessed.
First, we have survived COVID-19; second, we have been spared from destructive natural calamities and third, we have been commended as a city both regionally and nationally, with several citations and awards in the fields of environment, peace and order, infrastructure, business, sports tourism, COVID-19 initiatives, which made our city win the Most Improved Component City Award in the Philippines for 2022.
Next year 2023, will be a busier for all of use and more exciting year for many because it will be our 75th Charter Year celebration.
As we face the challenges of 2023, we pray for unity and cooperation, love and peace for all mankind.
Gikan sa akong pamilya, Maayong Pasko kanatong tanan ug Malipayong Bag-ong Tuig.
Kini si Mayor Ipe Remollo sa kanunay gasilbi kaninyo. Maayong adlaw!”
(Dumaguete Christmas Village 2022 by Artist An Marjo Banagua)