Members of the Gender and Development Focal Point System gathered for their annual year-end two-day GAD evaluation, assessment and planning workshop held last Thursday and Friday.
Heads of offices concerned with the implementation of GAD projects, programs and activities presented the status and utilization of the funds allocated for their offices.
The members of the Finance Committee and other stakeholders deliberate on the means of maximizing the utilization of the funds that will achieve the objectives of each project, program or activity in an open forum moderated by City Administrator Lilani L. Ramon after each presentation.
Local legislators present during the evaluation are Councilors Marie Marife Cordova, Agustin Miguel Perdices and Dionie Amores of the Liga ng mga Barangay.
Among the offices with the highest utilization of the allocated GAD budget that benefitted their target beneficiaries are the City Sectoral Desk Office, City Agriculture Office, Local Youth Development Office and Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs.
GAD fund, which is 5% of the city’s annual budget, is being used to correspond to gender issues or mandates focused on indigent women, children, youth, farmers, fisherfolk, elderly and PWDs so they acquire life skills, livelihood opportunities, free medical, hospitalization and health care services, proper nutrition and sex education.
Other concerns that will be addressed by the GAD budget pertains to prevent abuse and discrimination of children, promotion of reproductive health, prevent maternal deaths, reduce dengue cases, provide educational assistance to out of school youth, provide shelter to abused/trafficked women and children and to promote gender sensitivity through trainings, seminars, conferences, networking and enforcement.