Though comparably tolerable to that of METRO MANILA, CEBU, and other URBAN CENTERS in the world, TRAFFIC congestion is already a serious concern of the City Government and our people.
Already dubbed as the “City of Parades,” your City Administration has appealed to all sectors/institutions to adjust the route, day, and time of parades.
In the recent past, Silliman University, St. Paul University Dumaguete, Metro Dumaguete College, NORSU (reset its parade for next year), the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental, other organized groups/ institutions, and your own City Hall have adjusted their respective routes, day, and time of parades by way of supporting the City Administration’s thrust to reduce traffic congestion in our thoroughfares.
This week, instead of Its original request to hold its annual parade on a MONDAY (Dec. 5) with a specified route to include Perdices and Real Streets, Foundation University’s [FU] administration reconsidered holding Its parade on December 3 (Saturday) and adjusted its parade route to avoid the already congested Perdices and Real Streets.
In a related gesture, the yearly DAL-UY Festival was held in the Pantawan area upon the advice of the City Administration instead of the TIKI BAR area, which would have needed road closure, thus avoiding unnecessary traffic congestion.
Though the City Administrator’s office was informed of the change of day and route of the parade only on Saturday morning (Dec. 3), I exercised my executive prerogative and discretion to allow the parade with a commitment on the part of the FU organizers to process the permit on MONDAY (Dec. 5) — the first working day of the following week after the Saturday parade.
In sum, the concerns of the community and the general public will be effectively addressed when everyone is genuinely concerned about finding a sound/practical solution.
Thank you one and all for your cooperation!
-Mayor Ipe Remollo