Fiestas are often associated with parades, an array of local delicacies, live band music, and elaborate decorations. Although these activities have undeniably become traditionally ingrained in our Filipino culture, we should not forget the true essence and meaning of this celebration.
Fiestas are really about honoring and paying homage to patron saints for setting a great example of piety and faith for Roman Catholics. For us Dumaguetenos, we honor our patron St. Catherine of Alexandria every 25th of November, just a day after the Charter Day of our city on the 24th of November.
This year’s fiesta (2022) theme is “Building Synodal Church Through Basic Ecclesial Communities”. We cannot accomplish this objective if we do not start asking the important questions. Instead of just saying to your family and friends “Can we celebrate the fiesta at your place?” start asking “What do you know about our patron St. Catherine of Alexandria?”
Of course, this does not mean Dumagueteños should not have fun during this festivity. However, we should not forget that as we enjoy ourselves, we ought to have moments of solemnity and prayer with family and friends.
Remember the phrase “basic ecclesial communities” in the theme. These communities cannot start without you.
A blessed fiesta celebration in honor of St. Catherine of Alexandria as we look forward to the city’s Diamond Charter Anniversary celebration next year 2023.
Viva Saint Catherine of Alexandria!
City Mayor