Dumagueteños cheered their favorite candidates of Miss Earth 2022 as they glided on stage in their glittering and elegant gowns that emphasized their beauty, poise, charisma and elegance during the evening gown competitions held at the Dumaguete Presidencia last night.
The 3 big winners in the competition are: 1st (Gold) Daniela Alejandra Riquelme of Chile; 2nd (Silver) Maria Beatriz Rosado of Portugal and 3rd (Bronze) Paul Anne Americus Estima of Haiti.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo acknowledged the support of all city officials and employees who worked to ensure that the city will successfully host the international competition as part of the 73rd Charter Anniversary of Dumaguete City.
Among the 20 candidates featured were Liliya Levaya of Belarus; Fabiane Valdivia of Bolivia; Daniela Alejandra Riquelme of Chile; Abuana Nkumu of Democratic Republic of the Congo; Paul Anne Americus Estima of Haiti; Vanshika Parmar of India; Jehan Majeed Shanain Makassees of Iraq; Vonesa Alijaj of Kosovo; Indira Meneses of Mexico; Nandin Sergelen of Mongolia; Andela Draskovic of Montenegro; Diana Andimba of Namibia; Esther Oluwatosin Ajayi of Nigeria; Andela Jakimovska of North Macedonia; Maria Beatriz Rosado of Portugal; Aura Dosoftei of Romania; Marcia Reid of Scotland; Camilla Ndeye Ngone Diagne of Senegal; Chawanphat Kongnim of Thailand and Caroline Ngabire of Uganda.
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