Due to the restrictions set by the National Inter-Agency Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases particularly to prevent spread of COVID-19, the City Government of Dumaguete will enforce guidelines, after consultations with relevant authorities through Councilor Rey Lyndon Lawas, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety, to regulate individuals or families who will want to visit the graves of their loved ones at the cemeteries and memorial parks from October 31 to November 3, 2022.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo issued Executive Order No. 20 which imposes the following regulations on mass gatherings and for people who will observe the Kalag-Kalag season, to wit:
1. Each person (resident or non-resident) is required to present a vaccination card (or its certification) before allowed entry in the cemeteries, memorial parks and columbaria.
2. Only 1-hour duration of visit per person shall be allowed and enforcers shall have the right to call the attention of those persons going beyond the maximum time and who will be peacefully guided to the exit.
3. One entrance, one exit policy shall be enforced in all the cemeteries or memorial parks to assure the smooth flow of ingress or egress of visitors.
4. Parking areas for 4-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles shall be identified and regulated by the City Traffic Management Office in coordination with the owners of the establishments and barangay officials concerned.
5. Vagrants, loiterers, scavengers and those under the influence of liquor will be denied entry in all cemeteries.
6. Staying overnight and playing loud or disturbing music are strictly prohibited.
7. No food, no liquor allowed inside the cemeteries.
8. Firearms, deadly and sharp weapons are prohibited.
9. Any person manifesting flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough or colds among others is discouraged from visiting cemeteries.
10. Visitors are required to observe the minimum health standards such as wearing of face masks, bringing of sanitizers and social distancing.
11. All visitors are also encouraged to exercise proper waste disposal and apply “Clean as you go” policy.
Notwithstanding these restrictions, cemeteries, memorial parks and columbaria may accommodate bereaved families who wish to bury their departed loved-ones as an exception.
Barangay, police and medical assistance will be set up in appropriate areas of the cemeteries.
The Dumaguete City PNP, Barangay Peace and Safety Officers and the City Traffic Management Office are called upon to enforce the provisions of this Executive Order.