Dozens of children belonging to the Dumaguete City Taekwondo team trained by Master Joshua Kim demonstrated their skills through a presentation that was greatly appreciated by the visiting delegates from Yeongdong-gun in South Korea led by Mayor Jeong Yeong-Chul and Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo yesterday at the Manuel L. Quezon Park.
Meanwhile, the multi-awarded Dumaguete Arnis Team, mentored by City Sports Coordinator Ike Xavier Villaflores, also demonstrated their routines that impressed the Korean guests, as they showed the trainees’ mastery of Arnis also known as Eskrima, the national martial arts of the Philippines.
It was in the year 1995, when the World Taekwondo Mission Demonstration team from South Korea came to Negros Oriental through the efforts of the late (Dr. Joanie Sycip) and other business leaders of Dumaguete to do a taekwondo exhibition in the city and Manjuyod.
In 1996, a taekwondo gym was established in Dumaguete City and eventually the Dumaguete Taekwondo team was formed and participated in local, regional and national competitions. The string of victories of the Dumaguete Taekwondo team also merited Master Kim commendation from the City Council in 2002 and 2008.
According to Master Kim his students were only able to prepare for the presentation in 3 week but because of their diligence and commitment along with the full support of the parents, the performance of the young trainees impressed the dignitaries from South Korea.
Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts using punching and kicking techniques created for self-defense or exercise. On the other hand, Arnis emphasizes weapon-based fighting with sticks, blades and various improved weapons.
The Korean dignitaries are here to sign the Memorandum of Understanding strengthening the sisterhood ties between Yeongdong-gun County and Dumaguete City that will expand the seasonal workers program and promote cultural exchanges.