Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo hosted a dinner meeting for the seasonal workers with the officials of Yeongdong-gun South Korea led by Mayor Jeong Yeong-Chul so they can discuss means to strengthen the program that is mutually beneficial to the livelihood of both workers and farm owners.
Dumaguete’s sister city Yeongdong-gun is known to produce quality grapes with high sugar content and sweet aroma thus it is home to the best wineries in South Korea.
Since Filipinos and/or Dumagueteños are known for their industry and skills, Yeongdong-gun is interested to strengthen the seasonal worker program through consultations with concerned stakeholders.
This program is in accordance to the objective of Mayor Remollo to look for job opportunities even abroad so that Dumaguete workers are provided decent livelihood.
It is expected that next year about 150 agricultural workers will be needed in Yeongdong-gun South Korea.
The seasonal workers earn between P 75,000 to P 95, 000/ monthly to include overtime for the 3-5 months of work.