Sixteen (16) officials from Yeongdong-gun South Korea arrived Wednesday and were warmly received by their counterparts in the City of Dumaguete in welcome rites held at the Presidencia Grounds.
Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and other city officials warmly greeted Yeongdong-gun Mayor Jeong Yeong-Chul and members of his delegation amid hundreds of children enthusiastically waving miniature flags of South Korea and the Philippines.
Students from the Dumaguete City National High School also performed the Sandurot Festival dance to the delight and appreciation of the delegates and officials.
Mayor Jeong Yeong-Chul expressed his joy of being in Dumaguete City to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the 2 cities including the seasonal workers program that will be embodied in a Memorandum of Agreement for signing of both parties and to attend the Buglasan Festival of festivals.
For his part, Mayor Remollo noted that the Dumaguete officials enjoyed the hospitality of the South Korean people during his visit to Yeongdong-gun last August to discuss means to expand the exchanges in areas of economy, culture, sports and tourism.
Dumaguete’s sister city Yeongdong-gun is known to produce quality grapes with high sugar content and sweet aroma thus it is home to the best wineries in South Korea.
Yeongdong-gun is Korea’s No. 1 Agricultural City and Local Government with the best brand for clean tourism in the country. It is also the center of traditional Korean music with regular performances or workshops for the production and experience of classical sounds and instruments.
The delegation from Yeongdong-gun is composed of Mayor Jeong Yeong-Chul, Administrative Department Director Seo Jong-Seok, Councilor (Chairman) Lee Seung-Joo, Councilor Kim O-Bong, Councilor Lee Dae-Ho, Councilor Kim Eun-Ha, Private Cooperation Team Leader Jeong Mi-Sook, Private Cooperation Team Member Choi Seong-Jun, Agriculture Department Director Sung Uk-Jae, Heads of Nonghyup Agricultural Bank An Jin-Woo, Park Dong-heon and Shon Suk-Joo, Interpreter Lee Kyung-Hwan, Secretary Park Byeong-Hoon, Planning and Audit Department Members Park Jun-Eu and Gang Hean-Seok.
Among the local officials present with Mayor Remollo are Acting Vice-Mayor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, Councilors Rey Lyndon Lawas, Franklin Esmeña, Dionie Amores, Renz Macion, City Administrator Lilani Ramon and Assistant City Administrator Dr. Dinno T. Depositario.