Let us know more about Dumaguete’s sister city of Yeongdong-gun in South Korea…
Dumaguete’s sister city Yeongdong-gun is known to produce quality grapes with high sugar content and sweet aroma thus it is home to the best wineries in South Korea.
Yeongdong-gun is Korea’s No. 1 Agricultural City and Local Government with the best brand for clean tourism in the country.
Finally, Yeongdong-gun is also the center of traditional Korean music with regular performances or workshops for the production and experience of classical sounds and instruments.
Next week, a delegation of officials from our sister city Yeongdong-gun in South Korea will visit Dumaguete City for a weeklong tour and consultations starting next Wednesday until Monday (October 26-31) in time with the celebration of Buglasan Festival chiefly to strengthen the bilateral ties of the two cities for employment, trade, tourism, cultural and youth exchanges.
In late August of this year, Mayor Remollo and several city officials visited Yeongdong-gun to attend the famous Yeongdong Grape Festival and more importantly to check on the conditions and meet the employers of the Dumaguete residents who were employed as seasonal workers in the farms and youth representatives.
Yeongdong-gun Mayor Jeong Yeong Chul will lead a delegation that includes his vice-mayor, several councilors and key officials will be in Dumaguete City in a reciprocal visit upon the invitation of Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to further discuss the means on how to increase the number of local residents that can be employed in the various farms and industries in South Korea while ensuring their protection and welfare.
To note, from an initial 1st batch of almost 40 workers, it is expected that about 100 will be employed next season and each worker is expected to earn between P 75,000 to P 90, 000/ monthly to include overtime for the 3-5 months of work which will be of great help to their families.