READ: FULL DILG Statement on the Peaceful Transition of Leadership to Governor Roel Degamo
Benjamin Abalos, Jr.
Interior Secretary
The political tension in the province of Negros Oriental has de-escalated as Pryde Henry Teves stepped down to give way to a peaceful transition of leadership to Governor Roel Degamo.
We are thankful that the governorship dispute in Negros Oriental has been resolved, with Teves respecting and adhering to the Comelec ruling proclaiming Degamo as the duly elected governor of the province.
We laud DILG-7 Regional Director Leocadio T. Trovela and Provincial Director Farah Gentuya for being at the helm of negotiations and for guiding the smooth transition of the governorship to Degamo.
We also thank Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo for his role in ensuring a smooth communication with both Teves and Degamo.
With this positive development, the delivery of local government services in the province will no longer be disrupted.
We appeal to the supporters of both Degamo and Teves to set aside politics and to work in unison for the benefit and welfare of all Negrenses.