Further exemplifying the commendable honesty of a Dumagueteño, Pastor Junrey E. Cadeliña dutifully reported and returned $ 7, 345.00 Canadian dollars or about P 304, 000.00 in Philippine pesos that he found to the rightful owner, a local currency trader.
As reported by the Dumaguete City Police Station, Pastor Cadeliña found an unattended bundle of money along Perdices Street fronting Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church on September 6, 2022.
Pastor Cadeliña reported his find to the Dumaguete Police Station as authorities investigated to determine the true owner of the money.
Moments later, a local currency trader sought the assistance of the Dumaguete PNP for the recovery of his lost money.
It was confirmed by PEMS Orlando E Gonzaga and PSSg Emelyn D Piñero through CCTV footage from the City Command Center that the money fell from his pocket as the trader was driving his motorcycle.
The entire amount of $7,345.00 Canadian Dollars (P 304, 000.00) was returned to the local trader, who expressed gratitude to the honesty of Pastor Cadeliña and the investigation done by the Dumaguete PNP.
(Photos and report from Dumaguete PNP)