Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and members of his delegation are the special guests during the formal opening ceremony of the Yeongdong Grape Festival yesterday.
In his message to the people of our sister City YeonGdong-gun, Mayor Remollo expressed his gratitude to Mayor Chul for the invitation, warm hospitality and generosity of the South Korean people.
Mayor Remollo invited the officials of Yeongdong for a reciprocal visit as special guests to the Buglasan Festival this October so they can also experience the congeniality of Filipinos, which will help strengthen the sister city ties between Yeongdong and Dumaguete.
The opening ceremony was attended by the dignitaries of South Korea to include the Mayor Whang In Hong of Muju County, former Yeongdong-gun Mayor Park Se Bok, National Assemblyman (Congressman) Park Dukhum, incumbent Mayor Jeong Yeong Chul (seated in the front row with Mayor Remollo) and other local officials.