Seasonal workers from Dumaguete City, Philippines, working in Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, are once again enjoying the charms of Yeongdong.
Recently, Yeongdong-gun invited 35 seasonal workers from Dumaguete City to enjoy a tour of Yeongdong for the day.
Yeongdong-gun concluded an agreement with Dumaguete City, Philippines, to attract seasonal workers starting from April this year, giving a new home to the workers in Yeongdong, and providing support for various agricultural activities.
Yeongdong-gun prepared the event to encourage seasonal workers exhausted due to long-term labor and from the difficulties associated with living in a foreign country for a long time, thus boosting their morale and inspiring their will to work. Yeongdong-gun invited the seasonal workers as local guests to strengthen the partnership with our Sister city.
The seasonal workers had a tour of the Yeongdong Wine Tunnel, one of the representative attractions of Yeongdong-gun, to learn about the characteristics and charms of Yeongdong.
In the afternoon, they had free time to discover the traditional market in Yeongdong-eup, purchase daily necessities and souvenirs, and enjoy cultural facilities where they spent a special and memorable day.
Above all, they had the opportunity to increase their understanding of Yeongdong, where they had lived for several months, and to communicate and mingle with other seasonal workers.
One of the seasonal workers who participated in the tour said, “Even if I had already lived in Yeongdong for several months, it was difficult to spare time to take a tour of Yeongdong, but the daily tour helped me to understand more about Yeongdong-gun, our Sister city, which is a good and happy place to live.”
In a meeting with the seasonal workers, Governor Jeong Youngchul said, “I would like to request everyone to strengthen the partnership between Yeongdong-gun and Dumaguete City through the seasonal worker system when you return to your hometown.”
“We will do our best to ensure that the system settles stably by checking in on the working conditions of the seasonal workers.”