On account of his proficiency and fastidiousness, Councilor Franklin D. Esmeña Jr. has been officially designated by Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo as Deputy Mayor for concerns on Agriculture, Engineering, Public Works, Housing and Urban Development, Land Use and General Services and is called upon to advise and to help provide salient points that will ensure rigorous implementation of various infrastructure projects and programs to promote inclusive development, boost food security and shelter for the poor.
Among Deputy Mayor Esmeña’s functions and responsibilities as provided under Executive Order No. 9 issued on July 29, 2022 by Mayor Remollo are:
1. Extend his proficient knowledge and expertise to opportunely share propositions, suggestions or comments in advisory character to LGU Dumaguete City on sensibly delicate or recently disturbing issues and concerns when such circumstances may rationally warrant or allow;
2. Co-preside and afford true and authentic leadership in the agency on the concerns of the given committee;
3. Co-represent the Agency at official functions as permitted under the circumstances in routinary tasks or ceremonial events, meetings and or activities being tasked under the Committee;
4. Co-carry out or fulfill duties and/or functions as may be delegated or called upon by the Office of the City Mayor to faithfully exact and put in actual and apt perspective its office mandate to essentially service, protect and represent the interest of this LGU in the actual discharge of its official duties all for the best interest of the service.
Councilor Esmeña will perform his duties and responsibilities as Deputy Mayor with prior consultation from the Office of the City Mayor without remuneration or salary of any kind but only on a voluntary basis.