Official Statement of City Veterinarian Lourdes S. Socorro:
We wish to inform the consuming public that contrary to the report of GMA-7 on its July 6, 2022, Dumaguete City and the rest of Negros Oriental has NO confirmed case of economically devastating pig disease, African Swine Fever.
This is based on the negative results of the 110 whole blood samples from Dumaguete City and 211 blood samples from 9 other LGUs of the province submitted for examination at the Provincial Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (PADDL) from April-June 2022.
To further preserve our African Swine Fever-Free Status, we are soliciting the support of the public, especially those who are in the food business, to refrain from bringing in pork products (fresh, cooked or canned) coming from Luzon and other ASF affected areas in Mindanao.
For those raising pigs, refrain from feeding kitchen refuse/scraps (swill) collected from restaurants as it is one mode of spread of the virus that causes ASF. Report any health problems of your animals thru telephone number 035-523-3889 or mobile number 0906-229-2665.
Rest assured that the Office of the City Veterinarian-Dumaguete will continue on our surveillance and guarding our ports to prevent entry and avert possible outbreak of the disease.