The Sangguniang Panlungsod approved the supplemental budget requested by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo for 8 projects in the total amount of P 140.5 million sourced from the unappropriated surplus of the general fund proper.
Among the 8 projects that will be funded by the new appropriation ordinance are:
1. Continuance Construction of Shoreline Protection from Existing Seawall near Press Club Building going South Barangay Poblacion 1 in the amount of P 40 million
2. Construction of Material Recovery Facility Building 2, Barangay Candau-ay in the amount of P 20 million
3. Construction of Olympic-sized Swimming Pool at Pantawan (with roof and bleachers, CR and shower rooms) in the amount of P 30 million
4. Continuance Landscape Improvement of Rizal Boulevard (Phase III) Barangay Poblacion 4 in the amount of P 4 million
5. Repair/Rehabilitation of Boulder Dikes along various areas of Banica and Okoy Rivers in the amount of P 3.8 million
6. Clearing and Dredging of Okoy River Including Repair/Rehabilitation of Concrete Mini-dam, Barangay Candau-ay in the amount of P 2 million
7. Construction of Concrete Slab at 2nd Floor of City Hall Building Fronting Elevator Area, Barangay Poblacion 4 in the amount of P 725, 000
8. Acquisition of Lots and Other Expenses for the Continuance Establishment and Construction of Categorized Final Disposal Facility (Sanitary Landfill Dicen and Maputi Properties) Barangay Candau-ay in the amount of P 40 million
Councilor Lilani L. Ramon, Chairperson of the Committee on Finance, said that the 8 proposed projects are expected to address the need to protect the homes in Barangay 1 Tinago from storm surges, provide additional facility in accordance to the sports tourism program of the local government, prevent flooding of houses along the Banica and Okoy River and enhance the management and the proper disposal of garbage to protect the environment.