A team from the Bureau of Quarantine Cebu Station led by its Chief-of-Office Dr. Terence Anthony J. Bermejo met with Assistant City Administrator Dr. Dinno T. Depositario, representing Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, to discuss the plan of the agency to open a satellite office in Robinson Place Dumaguete.
Mayor Remollo welcomes this development as this will help ensure faster transactions including the issuance of medical clearances or vaccine certificates for employment, travel and visa purposes right here in Dumaguete City without having to travel to Cebu City.
Dr. Bermejo and his team later conducted an ocular inspection of the possible office space with the manager of Robinson Place Dumaguete.
The Bureau of Quarantine website states that BOQ is mandated to ensure security against the introduction and spread of infectious diseases, emerging diseases and public health emergencies of international concern (PHEIC).
Included in the BOQ’s functions is to conduct medical examination on aliens and foreign based Filipinos for immigration purposes and supervises sanitation in ports and airports of entry to include the environs, eating establishment and catering points.