With the main objective of providing convenience to consumers and to improve collection efficiency, the City Government of Dumaguete and Metro Dumaguete Water decided to open a collection outlet for the environmental septage fees inside the latter’s main office in Barangay Daro.
City Economic Enterprise Officer Engr. Jose Ronnie Fortin said that this newly opened collection outlet is in addition to the existing outlets at the Passenger Transport Terminal, City Slaughterhouse and at Building 2 Public Market Complex.
Meanwhile, request or job orders for desludging of septic tanks will still be processed at the office of Engr. Fortin, who reminds all consumers that they need to bring the billing statements whenever they pay for the septage fees.
Consumers who regularly pay the monthly environmental septage fees at P 1.50 per cubic meter consumption can avail of the desludging services for their septic tanks for free every 3 years.
The newly opened septage collection outlet was inspected recently by the members of City Septage Management Authority with Metro Dumaguete Water Chief Operations Officer Angelo David C. Berba, who approved the request of the City Government for a space inside the compound for the convenience of the public.
After the City Government took over the operations of the Septage Wastewater Treatment Facility, all the estimated 162, 000 water consumers enjoyed a 25% reduction of the user fee now at P 1.50 per cubic meter per month instead of the previous rate of P 2.00 per cubic meter.
Furthermore, nearly 1, 000 stall holders in the Dumaguete City Public Market and tenants of private malls with their own communal wastewater treatment facility maintained by the City Government or by the management of commercial establishments are exempted from paying septage fees.