The Committee on Economic Enterprises, Trade, Industry, Employment, Public Utilities, Gaming and Franchises chaired by Councilor Lilani Ramon deliberated on the provisions of the proposed ordinance requiring all business establishments to prioritize bonafide residents of Dumaguete City for job opportunities.
Said proposed ordinance is authored by Vice-Mayor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino and Councilor Michael Bandal envisioned that this measure will minimize if not eradicate unemployment within the city and provide opportunity to earn clean and honest living for their families.
As provided in the proposed ordinance all owners, managers, operators of commercial establishments concerned in the city shall be required to employ at least 50% of their unskilled and at least 30% of their skilled labor resources from qualified applicants who are at the same time bona fide residents of the city.
Also under the proposal is for the City Public Employment Service represented by PESO Manager Socorro P. Mira to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the provisions to include the maintenance of a regularly updated databank of all currently unemployed unskilled and skilled workers who are residents of the city and to make sure that Gender and Development and such other laws, rules and regulations pertaining to women empowerment in the workplace or those that promote men and women as equal partners towards pursuing development are strictly observed and promoted.