Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo officially welcomes the members and coaching staff of the Philippine Archery Team, who will compete in the 31st Southeast Asian Games to be hosted in Vietnam this May 12, 2022 and the more than a hundred participants from the different archery clubs that will see action in the 15th Philippine Archery Cup.
Rosendo “Dondon” Sombrio, Secretary General of the World Archery Philippines Incorporated commends Mayor Remollo for allowing the members of the Philippine Archery Team to conduct their training camp and the 15th Philippine Archery Cup at the Pantawan Rizal Boulevard at the Pantawan Rizal Boulevard.
“Together with the Board of Directors of World Archery Philippines, we express our sincerest appreciation for the continuous support you extend to the National Team and to the archery grassroots programs,” Sombrio said.