Filipino veterans, their descendants, military personnel, students, local and religious leaders gathered today at the Manuel L. Quezon Park to commemorate the liberation of Dumaguete City from Japanese occupation by the combined forces of Filipino guerillas and US Army exactly 77 years ago.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and former Judge Rafael Crescencio C. Tan Jr., himself a veteran, laid the wreaths before the liberation day marker followed by 3 volleys of fire.
In his remarks, Mayor Remollo paid tribute to the gallantry and sacrifices of the heroes of World War II to liberate Dumaguete City from the occupying Japanese forces and expressed optimism that the youth today will treasure and defend the freedoms we are enjoying now.
The liberation marker at the M.L. Quezon Park reads: “On this day 26th of April 1945 Dumaguete was liberated by a composite force of Filipino guerillas (75th and 77th Infantry Regiment) and units of the 164th Regiment, American Division, 8th Army, United States of America.