As the saying goes “Honest hearts produce honest actions.”
Yesterday (March 29, Tuesday) I went to Daro market and when I arrived home I received an unexpected message saying that he (tricycle driver) found my wallet along Looc area.
I immediately checked my bag and realized that my wallet was not there anymore. Inside my wallet was my money, 10 thousand pesos, credit cards, important ID’s and driver’s license.
I deeply admire your honesty sir, Rodrigo Jimenez, tricycle driver plate number 0269.
He returned my wallet today (March 30, Wednesday) at the Sectoral Desk Office.
This is not just the first time he returned things such wallet and cell phones to the real owners. I was deeply touched by such kindness and honesty he has shown to me.
I also thank Mr. Christian Cimafranca, facilitator of the tricycle drivers who entertained and helped me as well.
As a foreigner living in Dumaguete for 6 years, I would say “Dumaguete is really a city of gentle people”. – MS. HIROKO SUGIE
PS: Miss Sugie gave presents for his kids such as school supplies and snacks. She also gave slippers with her design for his wife and money worth 1,000 for the driver.
(Message of Appreciation of Ms. Hiroko Sugie as published in HEADZ UP NEGOR)