Civil works have started for the installation of 2 scenic elevators at the city hall building in front of the City Budget Office adjacent to the newly restored Presidencia after the successful public bidding of the project.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo said that the 2 elevators will provide easier and more comfortable passage for employees and the transacting public, particularly the elderly and the Persons With Disabilities, to the 2nd floor offices thereby replacing the old and steep stairway that has been used as the main access to the City Hall building for decades now.
Each of the 2 elevator units will have a capacity to carry a maximum of 10 persons at any given time.
The budget of P 10.2 million for the project will include labor, materials, installation and commissioning of 2 scenic elevators (two faces glass) including construction of footings and foundation, construction of steel shafts tubular with tempered and lamination glass, metal sheet roofing rib type, painting of all steel structures, construction of concrete ramp with stainless steel pipe hand rail and other necessary electrical works for the system to be completed and functional.
The supplier is required to complete the project within 120 days and the preventive maintenance procedure must be undertaken during the warranty period of 1 year after acceptance, free of charge.