About thirty-five (35) job order workers were appointed by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to casual plantilla positions in recognition of their commendable and long service (from 20-37 years) in simple rites Friday.
Mayor Remollo stressed that the appointment of the new 35 qualified plantilla is necessary to raise the morale of those who have been faithfully serving the people of Dumaguete City.
Among those appointed to casual plantilla positions are Barangay Health Workers, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Traffic Enforcers and personnel from CEED, ENRO, Discipline Zone.
With their appointment as casual plantilla, the 35 former Job Order workers will now receive benefits, bonuses and allowances like regular employees after the prescribed period of service.
Among those present during the ceremony are Vice-Mayor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, Councilor Lilani Ramon, Councilor Michael Bandal and City Human Resource Management Officer Dr. Dinno T. Depositario.
Mayor Remollo said another batch of Job Order workers, particularly those in service from 10-19 years and those 5-9 years, will be appointed as casual plantilla personnel provided they are qualified, duly endorsed by their department heads, availability of funds on Personal Services Limitation and the required processes are completed.
The following are the newly appointed casual plantilla personnel and their years of service as JOs: [37 years] Esterlina C. Tubaga, BHW; Paulita E. Lazarte, BHW; Cristita Pinili, BHW and Josephine Araneta, BHW [35 years] Jermilin Pinili, Barangay Nutrition Scholar [34 years] Fatima Jean Fontanilla, BNS [31 years] Rafael V. Catacutan, Traffic Management Office [29 years] Margie K. Romano, BHW; Merly A. Umbac, BHW and Nieves Viliran, BNS [27 years] Victoria Baylon, BNS [26 years] Guillerma Dagle, BHW and Marivic Benteroso, BNS [24 years] Mercedita M. Flores, BHW; Maricel P. Rico, BHW; Elsa G. Candido, BHW; Babylou O. Umbac, BHW; Marizza R. Donio, BHW; Tyrone C. Garsula, TMO [23 years] Lucia R. Cabungcag, BHW; Shirley V. Ibero, BHW and Emelda Esmael, BNS [22 years] Glenda A. Luzada, BHW and Maria Merlinda Sarne, ENRO [21 years] Ester C. Baybay, BHW; Veronica J. Villafuerte, BHW; Joahanna V. Baylon, BHW; Bobie D. Quinanola, CEED; Venerando Katada, TMO; Paterno Papellares Jr., DZ; Richard Umbac, DZ and Jacky V. Futalan, DZ [20 years] Raulinda H. Palulan, BHW; Maria P. Pontiñela, BHW and Elsie Galera, BNS