The City Health Office confirms 5 additional new COVID-19 cases who are vaccinated individuals with no known exposure to previous cases, but have shown symptoms of Influenza Like Illness Friday.
Health authorities remind the members of the public that being vaccinated against COVID-19 does not mean immunity from infection but rather helps ensure that the person will not likely experience severe symptoms requiring hospitalization or resulting in death.
There are now 13 active COVID-19 cases with 4, 464 recoveries and 149 deaths since the pandemic affected the city from January 30, 2020 to January 7, 2022.
The 5 new COVID-19 cases are residents of Barangays Bantayan [1], Piapi [3] and Poblacion 6 [1].
Of the 13 active COVID patients: 10 cases are monitored and handled by the personnel of the City Health Office while 3 are confined at Silliman University Medical Center.