For almost 2 years now, we have been battling the COVID-19 pandemic and mourn the loss of many of our friends and loved ones whose lives were cut short by the dreaded virus.
But we also give thanks for the thousands of our brothers and sisters who have recovered and survived the coronavirus.
Despite the limited resources our government has done its best to minimize and manage the effects of the virus by deploying more health workers who can take care of those who are afflicted by the virus, sustained the enforcement of health protocols, and financial assistance and food to those in crisis situation including rice subsidy for every household.
We express our deep appreciation to our private donors and to the National Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases that shipped more than a hundred thousand doses of COVID vaccines direct to the City of Dumaguete. To date we have vaccinated eligible residents or about 80% of our 140, 000 population, including minors and the elderly.
Our brave and industrious workers in government continue to deliver the basic social services to our people and build more concrete roads, bridges, the Pantawan II People’s Park, the ongoing shoreline protection along the coast of Poblacion 1 (Tinago), evacuation centers, the Presidencia, covered courts, educational facilities, and we have closed the city dumpsite, completed the Materials Recovery Facility, with pyrolysis machines installed therein.
Now, we continue to build our projects to make Dumaguete more competitive in the years to come.
We commemorate and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ every Christmas.
As workers in government we dedicate our efforts as humble contributions to build a more peaceful, peace-loving and orderly society.
I am very thankful to all the institutions, all organizations, my fellow workers in government, and even those who did not give up, instead showed compassion and dedication to saving and uplifting the lives of our neighbors and friends.
And of course to the gentle people of the City of Dumaguete for their resilience, sustained efforts and faith in our Jesus Christ and in humanity.
In behalf of my wife Tintin, and akong mga anak nga si Pelos ug si Dio, among kinasingkasing nga pag-ampo kaninyong tanan nga unta karong pasko mahimong malinawon ang atong panghuna-huna ug tagaan tag daghan pang grasya sa atong Labaw nga makagagahom.
Maayong pasko kaninyong tanan ug mabulahang bag-ong tuig!