“Maayong buntag, I’m just going to say thank you to Dumaguete City for also extending the logistics of Dumaguete to Bais, because it is really devastated right now and the local government is overwhelmed.
So right now the Dumaguete City trucks are loading the food packs that the Vice President has put together for the affected areas and the water tank that is going to provide potable water, instead of giving disposable water we got the overhead tank so that it can service the area because we are looking at probably three months of no water and electricity.
So we are really grateful to the city of Dumaguete through the efforts of Mayor Ipe Remollo, ga text pa pud siya, sige padala another truck (truck or tank I don’t know) to Bais kay wala paka gimok ang City/LGU of Bais but Dumaguete is really standing up and providing the support that Bais needs.
So thank you so much!”