Both the City Government of Dumaguete and Deped Dumaguete reiterated their joint commitment to improve access and quality of instruction for the thousands of learners enrolled in the public schools.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo commended the public teachers and City Schools Division Superintendent Gregorio Cyrus Elejorde for persevering in delivering their lessons primarily through online due to the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr. Elejorde lauded Mayor Remollo and the City Government for the consistent support to the various projects of the Deped Dumaguete to include the various infrastructure projects being undertaken to improve the learning environment in the schools especially when face-to-face classes shall resume.
Mayor Remollo through the City’s School Board approved P 63.2 million worth of infrastructure projects charged to the Special Education Fund for the 8 public schools to address their immediate needs. Among the projects include the 3-storey, 6 classroom school building and completion of 2-storey 2 classroom school building for Camanjac National High School amounting to P 10. 6 million; 2-storey, 6 classroom school building for Cantil-e Elementary School at P 9 million; the 2-storey, 8 classroom school building and improvement of covered stage for Cadawinonan Elementary School amounting to P 12.5 million; the 2-storey, 8 classroom school building for North City Elementary School at P 11.9 million; construction of the 2-storey, 2 classroom school building and completion of 2-storey 2 classrooms school building for Junob National High School in the amount of P4.2 million; 2-storey 2classroom school building for Calindagan Elementary School at P 1.8 million; 2-storey, 8 classroom school building for South City Elementary School at P 11.9 million and the electrical upgrade for the Dumaguete City National High School amounting to P 1 million.
Dr. Elejorde also recognized the subsidies given by the City Government in the printing of modules and the hiring of teacher-tutors serving the pupils in the barangays.
The Department of Education will also be constructing a 2-storey Sub-Regional Office VII building with a roof deck in Dumaguete City that will serve as an extension or satellite office of Deped Region 7 with facilities for students, teachers and administrators to conduct learning activities, training, workshops and seminars.
In his recent State of the Division Address, Dr. Elejorde recognized the decline in enrollment and increase in dropout among the students who are forced to adjust to the non-traditional way of teaching that requires them to acquire gadgets that may not be affordable to a majority of the parents.
But Dr. Elejorde has also acknowledged the different strategies and innovations adopted by the teachers and administrators to make it easier for their pupils to learn and remain motivated to continue their studies.