Like our artists, they also started work in September, working with them to provide the actual shape and the eventual charge for our Christmas Doves, all to light up Dumaguete City in time for the Christmas season.
They are often unsung, and so now we pay tribute to the hard work of these craftsmen without whom we would not have the carefully assembled and shaped displays, and without whom we would not have the actual lights to transform these symbols of Christmas peace into a show of subtle holiday cheer.
Thank you to our welders: Eric Revilla, Jonie Bisada, Victotino Amating, Hirmeneo Hednea, Joshua Marcelo, Arturo Tolentino, Glenn Mendoza, Eduardo Berjame, Junior Jamer, and Roger Cadalso. And thank you to our electricians: Joel Flores, Reynald Barrera, Davince Arrieta, Fernando Martinez, Leonel Teves, Rey Catan, Ronel Salvoro, and Vincent Torres, all under the supervision of Engr. Nonoy Eparwa and Engr. Ronald Flores of the City Engineers Office.
#PaskoSaDumaguete2021 #PeaceOnEarth #DumaGetMe
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