Seventy-three years ago our beloved Dumaguete became a chartered city by legislative fiat.
As the Capital of Negros Oriental, OUR city gradually grew as the center of trade and commerce and the gateway to the various tourist destinations of the Province and nearby environs.
It is our pride that since then, even if our city is the smallest in terms of land area, we prospered and is increasingly self-reliant that is capable of providing the basic needs of the people and the much needed infrastructure to sustain economic growth.
Unfazed by the unfamiliar challenges of the pandemic, our local government has efficiently utilized its resources to respond to the needs of the growing populace by constructing more roads, bridges, health centers, sports facilities and multipurpose centers.
More importantly, the present leadership has expanded health care assistance, distributed cash aid and food subsidy to the thousands of families, granted more benefits to senior citizens and PWDs while administering more than a 100, 000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to protect our constituents.
I commend our fellow public servants and other frontliners for their diligence, bravery and dedication in serving our people. All these, coupled with cooperation of our residents have enabled us to effectively manage the pandemic thus saving precious lives.
It is in this context that I urge our residents to avail of free vaccination so we can achieve herd immunity by the end of the year that will allow us to fully reopen our economy and do what we love the most: back in our workplaces, back in our schools and to travel with our family and friends.
Let us all celebrate the 73rd Charter Anniversary of Dumaguete City and the 401st annual fiesta with moderation.
As we commemorate the feast of our Patroness St. Catherine of Alexandria, rest assured that your government will continue to tirelessly work to build a vibrant community that is safer, healthier, prosperous and more than ready to soar to greater heights.
Happy 73rd Charter Day Anniversary!
Viva St Catherine of Alexandria!
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