“Our dear Patroness Saint Catherine of Alexandria is known and revered throughout the Christian world as an intellectual who lived a righteous life and engaged in meaningful dialogues for both believers and the non-believers.
Inspired by her example and in keeping with the ideals of our Christian faith, we are called to constantly extend love and understanding within our families, workplaces and community.
Hence, it is just fitting that we as parishioners under the spiritual guidance of Most Reverend Julito B. Cortes of the Diocese of Dumaguete celebrate the 401st Feast in honor of our Patroness Saint Catherine of Alexandria, also reaffirm our commitment to engage in respectful discourses, avoid premature judgment and extend brotherly understanding to our fellowmen as they keys to achieve genuine unity and lasting peace.”
Viva Saint Catherine of Alexandria!
Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo
City Mayor
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