Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo has appointed the 3rd batch of 40 additional Job Order Workers to casual plantilla positions effective October 1, 2021 in consideration of their length of service, qualifications and favorable endorsements of their superiors (department heads).
Job Order workers appointed to casual plantilla positions will now receive benefits, bonuses and allowances like regular employees after the prescribed period in services.
A total of 146 Job Order workers have already been appointed as casual plantilla employees this year, 56 in for 1st batch effective May 1, 2021 and 50 for 2nd batch effective July 1, 2021.
Assistant City Administrator and City Human Resource Management Officer Dr. Dinno T. Depositario stressed that under the “Piece of the Pie” program of the Remollo administration to professionalize the service, all department and division heads are empowered to recommend who among their respective personnel could be appointed to casual plantilla positions based on their track record of performance, length of service and CS Professional eligibility.