Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo holds talks with Political Counsellor Iain Cox of the British Embassy of Manila, Friday, to explore areas of common interests especially with the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.
This is part of the efforts of the British Embassy to regularly reach out with local leaders to better understand their priorities and help advance the United Kingdom and the Philippines’ bilateral cooperation.
Dumaguete City is one of the destinations of British citizens and many of them were among the stranded foreign tourists that were repatriated back to their home countries at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic facilitated by City Tourism Officer Jacqueline V. Antonio and her staff.
The British Embassy said that the stated purpose of the meeting with Mayor Remollo is to secure his invaluable insights on key issues – such as Covid-19, vaccines and other local political, environmental and economic developments – would tremendously help build UK-Philippine relations and to strengthen links between the British Embassy and Dumaguete City.
Ronn Bautista, Political Support Officer of the British Embassy in Manila, accompanied Political Counsellor Iain Cox during the meeting.