In anticipation of the installation of a traffic lights system in Dumaguete City, a proposed ordinance was introduced in the City Council providing for the policies, rules and regulations in the installation and operation of the traffic signals, signs and other traffic control devices including penalties for violations and appropriation of required funds.
Liga ng mga Barangay President Dionie Amores, Chairperson of the Committee on Transportation and Traffic, is the main author of the proposed ordinance along with co-authors Vice-Mayor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, Councilors Michael Bandal, Edgar Lentorio Jr. and Manuel Patrimonio, who manifested that by providing our city streets with traffic lights will help facilitate communication, information and messages to drivers and pedestrians that could be crucial in maintaining order, discipline and reduce road accidents.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo recently announced that the Department of Transportation and Land Transportation Office will implement the proposed installation of a P52 million Traffic Light System in 15 areas/intersections of the city.
The authors of the ordinance stressed that sophisticated traffic technology and its connectivity enhances situational traffic awareness across the entire city streets, since it aims at optimizing traffic flow, lowering traffic congestion and minimizing carbon emissions.
Included in the proposed ordinance are the provisions on the installation and operation of traffic control devices, obedience to official traffic control devices, streets and intersections were traffic control signals are authorized to be installed and use, duties and rights of pedestrians, penalty and procedure of arrest of violators and the needed funds for the implementation of the said measure.
Under the proposal, Mayor Remollo said traffic lights will be installed in 15 areas/intersections: corners North National Highway and L. Rovira Road; North National Highway and E.J. Blanco Road; North National Highway and V. Aldecoa Sr. Drive; Real and San Jose streets; Jose Pro Teves and Dr. V. Locsin streets; Real and Gov. M. Perdices streets; Dumaguete South Road and SL Teves streets; Hibbard Avenue and V. Aldecoa Sr. Drive Looc Bypass; Rizal Boulevard and San Juan Street; Gov. M. Perdices street and Umbac Subdivision; Real and Silliman Avenue; Jose Pro Teves street and Silliman Avenue; Gov. M. Perdices Street and Silliman Avenue; Larena Drive and Dumaguete-Palinpinon Road and Dumaguete-Palinpinon Road to Spillway Road.