If approved by the Department of Transportation and Land Transportation Office, Dumaguete City will implement the proposed installation of a P52 million Traffic Light System in 15 areas/intersections of the city.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo said that Dumaguete City is one of the 3 cities in Central Visayas that will be the recipients of the traffic light system project from DOTR-LTO that will be implemented based on the program of works submitted by the City Government to the national agency.
Under the proposal, Mayor Remollo said traffic lights will be installed in 15 areas/intersections: corners North National Highway and L. Rovira Road; North National Highway and E.J. Blanco Road; North National Highway and V. Aldecoa Sr. Drive; Real and San Jose streets; Jose Pro Teves and Dr. V. Locsin streets; Real and Gov. M. Perdices streets; Dumaguete South Road and SL Teves streets; Hibbard Avenue and V. Aldecoa Sr. Drive Looc Bypass; Rizal Boulevard and San Juan Street; Gov. M. Perdices street and Umbac Subdivision; Real and Silliman Avenue; Jose Pro Teves street and Silliman Avenue; Gov. M. Perdices Street and Silliman Avenue; Larena Drive and Dumaguete-Palinpinon Road and Dumaguete-Palinpinon Road to Spillway Road.
Once approved and started, the project will take about 630 working days to complete.
Mayor Remollo added that the presence of fiber optic cable of the CCTV system will make it easier to install the traffic lights, which is going to be a major development for the transport sector.