You are invited to join in our virtual talk show in Zoom and get engaged in a saucy chit-chat “Connected ka ba?”: Ang pag gamit ug teknolohiya hagit sa pamilya niining pandemya.
The corona virus pandemic has disrupted everyone. No parent is ever prepared to convert the home into a classroom. Much more for the use of technology as tool to pursue in the delivery of educational services. Both parents and teachers were stuck in reverse.
The Filipino family is generally struggling for survival both the “haves” and the “have nots”. Nobody is exempted! Reality bites to the technologically and financially challenged families and educators. Although these technology-based tools have proven their worth as alternative, but not all families can either afford or have the necessary skills to use to assist their children pursue education. We have heard many stories – some gruesome, others are funny. But the point is, in order to survive, we all need to be connected.
So join with us on 30 September 2021 at 2:00 PM via Zoom for a saucy chit-chat with our selected guests from all walks of life.
Without any choice, just like you in this pandemic, they will tell their stories of survival.
The virtual talk show “Connected ka ba?”: Ang pag gamit ug teknolohiya, hagit sa pamilya niining pandemya. will also have a simultaneous live cast in Facebook through this FB page (Family Life Council 6200).
The Zoom link of the talk show shall be emailed to you after you register in advance to this link:[0]=AT3ZUTP14UGKq7KoHz5jRjyLUXZdncjGVyVBDrWK5Bxada4hWPnQSiopz_BzCf5ao99FdC6cVWNFTLHnms_cBLBVqPqWrU1x2rcMjo0VzJ_ngU-u7BwO_QvYyqfTdosZg6AxeX6AGBqeXSi2_aesW7k2ieDUjeKzEdxlKf06FWb2Ng