Read on and know the answers to these important frequently asked questions:
QUESTION: With the FDA authorization of Pfizer and Moderna for the pediatric population, can my children get vaccinated?
Answer: Not yet. To date, vaccination of children aged 17 years old and below is not yet allowed in the country. The government will first vaccinate those who are 18 years old and above, who are part of the priority groups A1 to A5, because they remain at relatively higher risk.
QUESTION: How then can I protect my kids?
Answer: Register with your LGU and get vaccinated when it’s your turn and continue to follow the minimum public health standards (mask, iwas, hugas, daloy ng hangin). Protect yourself and be a shield for your children against COVID-19.
QUESTION: Why is the government vaccinating only the A1-A5 groups?
Answer: We need to prioritize individuals most at risk for severe COVID-19 while waiting for enough vaccine supply for the entire population,
QUESTION: Can children ages 12-17 years old with comorbidities get vaccinated?
Answer: Not yet. Currently, only those 18-years-old and above, who are part of the priority groups A1 to A5, can get vaccinated. This is to prioritize those with higher risk of severe disease and death.