The Committee on Rules, Ordinances. Legal Matters and Good Governance met recently to discuss the request of Metro Dumaguete Water that it will be allowed to undertake civil works in Barangay Junob to improve the service and meet the needs of the consumers.
Councilor Lilani Ramon presided the meeting with Vice-Mayor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino to inquire the need for a resolution from the City Council before the excavation of concreted road pavements could commence.
City Engineer Edwin Quirit clarified that his office will issue a permit to the Metro Dumaguete Water under the condition that they will restore back the destroyed (excavated) area into its original condition and that they will be accountable for whatever incident that may occur during the excavation in the areas.
Meanwhile, Barangay Kagawad Jerome B. Dela Cruz presented the ordinance of Barangay Balugo that prescribes fees and charges on the issuance of Barangay clearances, certifications, agreements, and the use of barangay facilities to all residents and non-residents alike.
The other resource persons present during the meeting were Barangay Captain Maximino Umbac Jr. of Barangay Junob, City Treasurer Cristina Merced, Engr. Richard Estrellado, Atty. Francis Ray Filipinas of the City Legal Office, Kathleen Young Ricardo and Alex Pal of Metro Dumaguete Water.