In a recent dialogue with pastors of various denominations, Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo stressed that the vision of the LUPAD administration is to build a safer, healthier, cleaner and prosperous Dumaguete City for the present and future generations.
And if the proposed 174-hectare Smart City Project is fully realized, it shall be a major step towards attaining said aspiration.
The LUPAD slogan stands for Livable and cultured community; Urban revitalization inclusive of all barangays; Professionalism in government service and good governance; Abundance of food, clothing, adequate shelter for every family and Devotion to God and dedication to country and the community.
Mayor Remollo explains that the proposed Smart City project will utilize modern technology and harness renewable energy to improve transportation, accessibility, to enhance social services, promote sustainability, give citizens greater voice and economic power.
Hence, the proposed Smart City Project has components and goals in line with the LUPAD vision:
1. Construction of 2 wastewater treatment facilities complete with a Sewage Treatment Plant and Diversion Piping System Lift Station for the release of cleaner water with less impact to the environment
2. Building of Hybrid Solar Wind Power Station to collect and generate renewable energy
3. 5G Ready underground cable to host more ICT companies and investments (no more overhanging cables and electric wires)
4. Establish Geriatric Health Care Facilities (Dumaguete is one of the Best Places to Retire in the Philippines)
5. Construction of major sports facilities for national and international events (Dumaguete City was recognized as Sports Organizer of the Year in the entire Philippines for 3 straight years)
6. Construction of wide and durable roads to improve safety and convenience when traveling
7. Provision of more open and green spaces for the enjoyment of the public
8. Creation of more economic growth centers
9. Provide more job opportunities and prevent brain drain
10. Additional sources of revenues for the local government to provide more basic social services
Mayor Remollo pledged to consider and bring to the attention of Philippine Reclamation Authority and Department of Environment and Natural Resources the concerns of those opposing the proposed Smart City Project and those gathered in the series of information drive so the proposal will be duly evaluated in the proper forum and final decision of the appropriate agencies will be reached.