Five months since the closure of the 35-year-old Candau-ay dumpsite (March 31, 2021), the Central Materials Recovery Facility is operating daily to segregate all collected garbage from the residences and commercial establishments of the 30 component barangays.
And to enhance the operations of the central MRF, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo approved the acquisition of additional equipment and machinery primarily to improve the sorting of garbage and transportation of the residual wastes to the Bayawan sanitary landfill.
Recently, a brand new hydraulic excavator has already been delivered in the Eco-Park Solid Waste Processing Facility that will be utilized in the efficient disposal of the garbage.
More than a hundred former waste pickers in the closed dumpsite were also hired in the Central MRF so they will continue to have jobs and support the needs of their families.
Mayor Remollo, who implemented the closure of the old dumpsite, is also waiting for the delivery of 2 brand new 6-wheeler dump truck, 3 units of Mini dump truck and a hydraulic bailer machine for a more efficient city solid waste management program.
According to MRF Manager Engr. Leticia Duran, since the closure of the dumpsite, all collected garbage are now brought to the 8-hectare Eco-Park Solid Waste Processing Facility where the garbage sorters would dispose the biodegradable wastes in a compost pit or turned them to fertilizer; the recyclable materials (plastic, glass, cans, cartons, bottles, etc.) are sold to local buyers through public bidding and the residual wastes (dili mapuslan) are kept at the Residual Containment Area for disposal at the sanitary landfill in Bayawan City.
Meanwhile, installation of equipment and machines of the pyrolysis gasification process that will convert garbage into construction materials is in progress.
Once fully operational, the pyrolysis machines will convert all collected solid wastes into useful byproducts such as pavers, hollow blocks and other construction materials for the various infrastructure projects and in the maintenance of roads.