Representatives and officials of companies, including those in the BPO industry, participated in today’s information drive on the proposed Smart City Project with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, who presented the concept and addressed the frequently asked questions.
Mayor Remollo stressed that the proponent of the project will and must comply with all the requirements of the reviewing national agencies such as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Philippine Reclamation Agency.
Aside from protections provided by national laws, the City Government can strictly enforce existing or pass new local ordinances that will expressly prohibit any forms of undesirable activities (such as prostitution, POGO and influx of foreign workers) in the proposed Smart City.
All concerns raised by some sectors pertaining to the protection of the environment and scale or manner of reclamation works will be presented to DENR and PRA for their evaluation and decision on whether the proposed Smart City Project will be ultimately approved for implementation or otherwise.
If fully realized the proposed Smart City Project is expected help reduce joblessness, poverty and brain drain caused by the lack of opportunities and provide additional revenues for the government to expand basic social services and fund infrastructure projects.