The City Health Office has started vaccinating against COVID-19 those belonging to Priority Group A5 (Indigent Population) even as the immunization for those belonging to A1, A2, A3 and A4 continues.
However, A5 residents will be listed under the Quick Substitution List of their respective barangays and shall only be called to the vaccination site if those in the original master list of the given day will be absent thus the need to be replaced with substitutes under A5 of the same barangay.
This is in response to the directive of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination rollout with the arrival of additional vaccines that he requested from the national government.
As of Wednesday, about 35, 930 doses of Sinovac, Janssen, Astrazeneca, Moderna and/or Pfizer jabs were used to inoculate about 21, 201 eligible residents
Six hundred forty-two (642) eligible residents were inoculated yesterday in the 2 vaccination sites at Robinson Mall and Pulantubig Gymnasium.
The City Health Office is reminding eligible residents to register online thru this new link or fill up the forms endorsed by the barangay health workers so that your names will be included in the master list for vaccination and to wait for the call from the CHO confirming their vaccination schedule and site.
Only those registered and with confirmed schedules, will be allowed in the vaccination sites to avoid overcrowding and maintain order.