Thirty-five thousand two hundred eighty-eight (35, 268) doses of COVID-19 vaccines have already been administered to 20, 613 eligible residents using Sinovac, Astrazeneca, Moderna and Janssen jabs as of August 18, 2021.
City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla said that 538 individuals received their COVID-19 jabs in the 2 vaccination sites at Pulantubig Gym and Robinson Place last Thursday including those who returned to get their 2nd doses.
Of the 20, 613 eligible residents vaccinated: 2, 192 are medical frontliners or (A1); 6, 689 senior citizens (A2); 5, 744 persons with comorbidities (A3) and 5, 988 frontline personnel (A4) were vaccinated based on the order of priority of the Department of Health.