[Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo congratulates the 100 graduates, in 2 batches, of the 10-day Life Skills Training Course as they will next undergo the 3-month technical training (with daily allowance) and 3-month internship in partnership with the private employers for possible long term employment.]
“On behalf of the City of Dumaguete, may I commend all the recent graduates of the Life Skills Training Course, which will enhance and improve once chances of being employed with our partner firms.”
“Thereafter, the graduates will undergo three months of technical trainings, which will also be followed by another three months of internship with our partner firms.”
“At this juncture may I thank all our local and national partners who have been with us for the past four years under this program.”
“It is hoped that these graduates will meet the manpower needs of your organization and which will prepare them to become skilled and valuable assets who could eventually be absorb as employees of the different partners that we have. “
“Our Jobstart Program of the City of Dumaguete has been active for the past 4 years together with our local and national partners.”
“It is hoped that after the Life Skills Training, the technical training and the eventual internship with our partner firms, the City of Dumaguete is able to provide the much needed jobs to our students and the out of school youth, to prepare them for a brighter future.”
“Good luck to all and may you be COVID free. Stay safe! God bless you all!”