The Department of Public Works and Highways presented on August 5, 2021 some 3 options included in the master plan for the construction, rehabilitation and improvement of drainage to control intermittent flood in Banilad national highway.
City Planning and Development Coordinator Engr. Leonides Caro said that Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo sought the technical assistance of DPWH to make a master plan for the proposed flood control projects in Metro Dumaguete.
According to the survey conducted by the DPWH consultant E.H. Sison Engineers Corporation, there are 3 options for consideration to control flood water originating from the Cantil-e to Banilad Creek that are expected to cost between P 56 million to P 74 million, as follows:
OPTION 1: Construction of earth dikes on the upstream alignment, 2- 6m Span x 3.5m Height Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert on the middle alignment (along existing access road) and channel excavation on the downstream alignment (800 m) with estimated Project Cost at P74 million
OPTION 2: Construction of earth dikes on the upstream creek alignment, Open Channel (12m width by 3 m height) middle alignment; 2- 6m Span x 3.5m Height Box Culvert (Road Crossings); channel excavation on the downstream alignment (800 m) with projected cost of P 56 million
OPTION 3: Construction of earth dikes on the upstream reaches, open Canal(10 m width by 3 m height), 2- 6m Span x 3.5m Height Box Culvert (Road Crossings) and Connect to Bagacay – Mangnao Creek with proposed floodway downstream of Bagacay – Mangnao Creek for a total estimated cost of P 70 million
Engr. Patrimonio said that the projected costs do not include funds needed for the necessary expropriation of affected properties if both DPWH and City Government will finally decide on what option to implement.
Councilor Manuel Patrimonio, Chairperson of the Committee on Engineering, will convene a meeting on Friday to further discuss the proposed river control project of the Slaughterhouse road in Banilad that will affect 5 other barangays in the city.
The recent stakeholders meeting called by DPWH to present the flood control master plan was attended by the City Engineer’s Office, Councilor Patrimonio, concerned barangay captains and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officers of the province and city.
A feasibility study will be conducted next to determine which option is most viable so that appropriate requests for fund allocation can be requested from the national government through the Regional Development Council.