Members of the Paulinian community, here and abroad, hosted the consultation and information drive on the proposed 174-hectare Smart City Project with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo at Saint Paul’s University, Thursday.
The hybrid (physical and online) meeting was attended by the SPUD Administrators, faculty, student leaders and staff so that they can express their concerns and recommendations while at the same time weigh the pros and cons of the proposed project for them to make an informed decision on the issue.
Mayor Remollo, an alumnus of SPUD, lauded the community for keeping an open and fair mind on the proposed project, which if realized will give many families the opportunity to find decent jobs in particular the new graduates while ensuring a balanced and healthy environment for all.
Today’s consultation and information drive initiated by the executive department is separate to the public hearing/consultation on the proposed project by the City Council at the proper time and forum.
There are enough safeguards in the national laws and ordinances that prohibit the feared possibility that foreigners will allegedly own the reclaimed lands, displace local workers or allow POGO operations.
The proposed Smart City project will also undergo stringent review and approval of the Philippine Reclamation Authority and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, but only if there is already an application, which up to now has yet been filed.
Mayor Remollo reiterated that the concerns of all stakeholders should be appropriately addressed by EM Cuerpo at the proper time and that he will not allow the project to proceed if all legal requirements are not complied with and if it puts the best interests of the people of Dumaguete City and the environment in grave danger.