Key officials of the Department of Education Dumaguete City Schools Division headed by Superintendent Gregorio Cyrus Elejorde invited Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to speak before the Executive Conference to update the educators of the various initiatives and projects of the City Government.
And in line with the ongoing consultation and information drive of the executive department, Mayor Remollo also discussed the concept and the tedious process that the proposed 174-hectare Smart City Project must go through before the appropriate agencies give their endorsements or approval.
Some of the participants were clarified of their concerns including the possible environmental impacts of the proposed project and the means to mitigate them after diligent review and approval by the Philippine Reclamation Authority and Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
Mayor Remollo considers Deped Dumaguete as an able partner in building a more prosperous city for the present and future generations through sustainable development projects, hence, a continuing discussion concerning the Smart City Project that will involve all stakeholders is hereby encouraged.