Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo confirmed to local business leaders today that no Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the City Government and EM Cuerpo related to the proposed 174-hectare Smart City Project until all the required processes under the laws and ordinances shall have been complied with by all parties.
Local business leaders expressed their concerns and suggestions on the proposed project during this afternoon’s consultation with Mayor Remollo, who elaborated on the project’s concept and underscored the need for the active participation of all stakeholders so that issues will be addressed by the proper agencies and the proponent.
Mayor Remollo recognizes the need to protect the environment but it must be balanced with the necessity to undertake economically sustainable projects that will help reduce joblessness, poverty and brain drain caused by the lack of opportunities.
If the proposed Smart City Project is approved for implementation by the national agencies, the City Government also expects additional revenues from taxes and fees derived from ancillary businesses that can be used to fund additional assistance for education, health, social benefits and infrastructure projects.